FRP Tank Filter 2472 Pentair Tank Filter
Filter Tank
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FRP Tank Filter 2472 Pentair Tank Filter



Fiberglass reinforced plastic tank (FRP TANK)



·         Made from fiberglass reinforced plastic composite material and 100% corrosion resistant.

·         Light, easy for transportation

·         7” – 21” in diameter, the liner of the tank is made from ABS material with blow molding technology, epoxy resin and fiberglass filament winding, beautiful and durable.

·         20” – 72” in diameter, the liner of the tank is made from FRP materials with winding technology, top, bottom and side opening types available.



·         As water treatment equipments and components in residential, commercial and industrial application.


Working conditions

·         Maximum working pressure: 0.7MPa (100PSI)

·         Working temperature: 149

·         Maximum vacuum : 127MMHg (5” Hg)

·         Less than 21"diameter ABS Tank


We have on stockiest :


·         Pentair 10"X44" 2.5"T PN SZ30623

·         Pentair 10"X54" 2.5"T PN SZ30579

·         Pentair 13"X54" 2.5"T PN SZ30721

·         Pentair 14"X65" 2.5"T PN SZ30783

·         Pentair 10"X35" 2.5"T PN SZ30460

·         Pentair 12"X52" 2.5"T PN SZ30666

·         Pentair 08"X44" 2.5"T ABS Natural PN BJ51204

·         Pentair 09"X48" 2.5"T ABS Natural PN BJ51304

·         Pentair 10"X54" 2.5"T ABS Natural PN BJ51404

·         Pentair 13"X54" 2.5"T ABS Natural PN BJ51601

·         Pentair 14"X65" 2.5"T ABS Natural PN BJ51701

·         Pentair 16"X65" 4"T Polyglass PN BJ10802

·         Pentair 18"X65" 4"T Polyglass PN BJ51901

·         Pentair 20"X69" 4T4B Composite BJ30102

·         Pentair 24"X72" 4T4B Composite BJ30202

·         Pentair 30"X72" 4T4B Composite BJ30303

·         Pentair 36"X72" 4T4B Composite BJ30402


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