ZPlex RO Save RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge
Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
ZPlex RO Save RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge, ZPlex RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge, RO Save RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge, RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge

ZPlex RO Save RO.Zs 01-40 Filter Cartridge 

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Z.Plex Filter Technology for Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment


Z.Plex filter engineered for SDI reduction in reverse osmosis pretreatment applications

Micron Rating : 1 Micron

Length : 40”

Saving Membrane ElementPerformance

Designed for RO system protection

Performance optimized for RO pretreatment

Unmatched dirt-holding capacity and lifetime

Manufactured using patent-pending Z.Plex technology

Made of environmentally safe polypropylene for purity and ease of disposal

NSF-certified components


The Importance of Reverse Osmosis Pretreatment
Reverse osmosis pretreatment is key to extracting the longest life out of crossflow elements by removing RO membrane-plugging contaminants from source water


ROsave.Zs, 1 microns, 10" length RO.Zs 01-10

ROsave.Zs, 1 microns, 20" length RO.Zs 01-20

ROsave.Zs, 1 microns, 30" length RO.Zs 01-30

ROsave.Zs, 1 microns, 40" length RO.Zs 01-40

ROsave.Zs, 5 microns, 10" length RO.Zs 05-10

ROsave.Zs, 5 microns, 20" length RO.Zs 05-20

ROsave.Zs, 5 microns, 30" length RO.Zs 05-30

ROsave.Zs, 5 microns, 40" length RO.Zs 05-40