Pureflo P1-10PP Filter Cartridge 1 micron 10
String Wound Cartridge Filter
Pureflo P1-10PP Filter Cartridge 1 micron 10 inch, Pureflo Filter Cartridge
Pureflo P1-10PP Filter Cartridge 1 micron 10
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Filtermation a company that manufactures wound filter cartridges and filter housings systems under the registered brand names of PUREFLO.

Pureflo cartridges are used in Domestic, Industrial and Commercial filtration.



Pureflo cartridges are available with Polypropylene, or Cotton materials wound onto Polypropylene, 304 stainless steel or tinned steel cores. The cartridges can be used (in one combination of materials or another) in most areas chemical compatibility is of concern. Special materials are available for high temperature or unusually aggressive applications. Food grade product (FDA PP Fibre) is always available ex-stock. Activated carbon cartridges are available to remove unpleasant tastes and odors.



Pureflo cartridges are manufactured with an interlocking weave (diagonally wound) which provides efficient and cost effective filter cartridges.

Pureflo wound depth cartridges offer a gradual pressure increase over cartridge life versus surface media that have an abrupt flow cut-off when loaded.

The larger particles are trapped at the surface of the cartridges and build up a pre-cake, whilst the smaller particles are trapped within the Pureflo cartridge filter as they go down the ‘tortuous path’ created by the wound pattern which varies with each micron rating.



Pureflo cartridges are individually shrink-wrapped in a polyethylene tube, which is treated to minimize static build-up. The cartridges are then packed into cardboard cartons. Standard length 254mm (10”): 30 cartridges per carton • 20”, 30” & 40” lengths 15 cartridges per carton • Other lengths can be packed with any quantity.



Pureflo filters are available in ‘one-piece’ construction with lengths between 51-1778mm and can be supplied to suit any filter housings using cartridges from 2” to 70”. It also dramatically reduces down time and labour costs and in many cases reduces potential health risks through operators having to lean over vessels that may contain liquids and gases.



We can substitute Pureflo for existing cartridges which you may be currently purchasing or use our in-house expertise to ensure proper design and compatibility for each application.

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